Laughter Therapy Workshops

Team building in Barcelona

Happiness as a transformation engine. Addressed to any group that wants to spend quality time on its cohesion and improve the working environment

This workshop is lived as a group practice to awaken and express each person’s joy, spontaneity, and creativity. It is a time for every person to enjoy the freedom and freshness that playing and laughing bring. Using a set of playful dynamics, with music as support , we generate a lively and joyful environment that facilitates the expression of the creativity of the participants, releasing stress while allowing a climax of confidence and group togetherness to emerge. All this makes the experience  kind, expansive and great fun. It is a respectful practice and easily accessible for anyone. 


  • Strengthen relationships and improve the working environment

  • Foster motivation and creativity

  • Enhance communication skills with a positive and constructive attitude

  • Increase team cohesionRelease tension and reduce stress

  • Experience the joy of laughter and playing


  • Number of participants:  From 8 to 30 people

  • Lenght: Minimum 1 hour up to 8 hours (adaptable to your needs).

  • For an standard teambuilding workshop, I suggest you: 2 hours

  • Language: Workshop available in English and French. 


 “ Silvia led our group in a 3 hour team session based around creative self-exploration and laughter therapy. She was wonderful. She seems to have a deep and intrinsic insight into human nature that allows her to lead with such confidence and success. The laughter therapy was great for building bonds between the people in the session. I highly recommend it for groups, whether they are a corporate team, looking to connect more, or a group of friends who simply want to deepen their connection. Be warned though – not all of the laughter therapy is about laughing – be aware of the word therapy too! I cried at times as I released trapped emotions, which only lead to me laughing all the more freely as a result afterwards Truly one of life’s natural healers, I couldn’t recommend Silva more.”

Scott Doane, CEO in Corporactivity

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